Labor Day Weekend in Dufur

For the third time this summer, we trekked to my folks’ place in Dufur, OR after a stay in Central Oregon! Labor Day weekend is always a good one to stay put at home and that works great for my folks but our home is on wheels and we needed somewhere to stay soooooo……

It was a nice quiet and relaxing visit in sleepy little Dufur, Oregon.

Went for a drive one afternoon to see if we could find a multi geocache that Dad had to DNF a few years ago and never returned to look again.  Got it this time after having to expand our search radius somewhat.

Highway 44 Series: Overhill, Underhill (GC612C) by Capt. Jack, 1st Mate & Max

Now we have to move on to Coos Bay one last time this year before heading south so Patricia can prepare new photography product and restock inventory at Bandon’s Second Street Gallery.

Family Reunion – Paulina Lake, Central Oregon

Returning a third time this year to Central Oregon for a family campout at Paulina Lake in Newberry Caldera.

Parents, siblings, kids, grandkids, cousins galore!

Family Pano at Gordy's Truck Stop in LaPine

Family Pano at Gordy’s Truck Stop in LaPine

Didn’t get a lot of geocaching done but managed a few earthcaches and a handful of traditionals.

Caching Around the Caldera

Caching Around the Caldera

Oh, Deer! (GC1JD8Y) by tnt58
BC’s BPA Power Grid (GC30B13) by Kestrel Ridge
LITTLE D STOP& GO (GCYCA2) by dreuel
Fuzz Ball (GC3ERJD) by kowgrl59
Paulina Creek Falls EarthCache (GCQ36T) by Volcanoguy
Twisted (GC1PXW0) by TNT58
Fallen Giant (GC60YGZ) by tnt58
F.Y.I. (GCXK4K) by oldsmokey
Newberry Crater? or Caldera? Earthcache (GC5VAE5) by Volcanoguy
Lava Cast Forest EarthCache (GCPW9X) by Volcanoguy
Big Obsidian Flow EarthCache (GCQ36N) by Volcanoguy
Short Logs (GC5AMTF) by Sea Flyer
Off End (GC5AMT2) by Sea Flyer

Paulina Falls and our East Lake Campsite

Paulina Falls and our East Lake Campsite

Apparently I didn’t get many pics of the campout either! Cold and rainy weather kept most of us in our cabins or RV’s much of the time.

Granddaughter Kyla came out from Bend to hang out with us for a few days. She braved the weather in a tent!

Kyla got bored with just kayaking......

Kyla got bored with just kayaking……

One really interesting place we checked out was the Lava Cast Forest just north of the caldera. Nice interpretive trail here. Strange hollow “casts” left after lava flowed through a forest!

Hollow Cast

Hollow Cast

After the campout, we moved over to East Lake (3 miles away) for an extension of our time here. We were joined after a couple of days by my cousin and his wife. They brought kayaks so the four of us went kayaking one day.

Kayak/Geocache Event and Campout

The 2015 Flotilla

The 2015 Flotilla

Six years running, the South Coast Geocachers of Oregon have been host to a fun event of kayaking, geocaching, hiking, food and camp fun.

This one had a strange feel for me since I wasn’t around to help set out all the new caches. We pulled into the campground just like any other out-of-towner. Yep, felt a little weird. That is, until I saw all my old caching pals! Then it felt like old times!

What will 2016 bring?

From Hood to Coast

After a week boondocking near Mt. Hood, we came off the mountain and began the move towards our annual kayaking/geocaching event at Tugman State Park near Coos Bay.

But first…….

A couple of nights in the Columbia Gorge, a quick visit in Portland and a few days on the coast at Newport.

First up, two nights at Ainsworth State Park (one of our favorite places). It was a short stay where we use our full hookup site to clean up and recharge. We managed an out and back hike to Angel’s Rest, a few geocaches and an awesome breakfast at Multnomah Falls Lodge.

Angels Rest Hike

Angels Rest Hike

Angel’s Rest Trail Beginning (GC533EK) by Aye-yo
Rabbit Delight (GC533E6) by Aye-yo
We’re going for a hike (GC3GJ1T) by Devil Dog Cacher
Stump Passage (GC533EA) by Aye-yo
Ainsworth Potty Break (No Swag) (GC5W388) by WineGuyTodd


Another two nights in Troutdale to visit daughter and family. Managed to find one geocache in nearby Westmoreland Park


Finished the week off with two nights at South Beach State Park in Newport on the coast. Elliot was glad to sleep out in the tent again!

Caching Newport Area

Caching Newport Area

The all mighty buck! (GC5QN27) by LordDraco
Wooden Cave on the road to nowhere (GC1NZPJ) by ryan23
Higher Education (GC40GRR) by RedRoadstar
Turtlenestone (GC5MYDX) by Turtlefromspace