Abiqua Falls – Another DNF!

Three separate visits to Abiqua Falls, three separate failures to find the geocache placed there!

First visit was a few years ago. The geocache was supposed to be an ammo can. Later I discovered it had been missing as confirmed by a previous finder. The following year it still hadn’t been replaced. Skunked again.


Mesmerized by the thundering water.

Mesmerized by the thundering water. Photo courtesy of Patricia Davidson Photography

So here we are in spring 2015 and I find myself going down that familiar rough trail yet again. This time a new cache has been placed but it’s a micro. Once again I come away empty-handed. The clue was vague with many possible hiding locations. Very frustrating.

Despite the DNF, I had a nice time hanging out with Patricia and a photographer friend of hers for an hour or more at this very cool waterfall.

Maybe fourth time is the charm?


Geocaching in Junction City

Well, the motorhome developed a leak in one of the slides so brought it back to Guaranty RV Center for fixing. It took quite awhile to finally locate the problem. I ended up staying in the motorhome two nights as they worked on it! What to do with my time? Geocache!

Packed up my trusty old Maxpedition sling pack with raingear, umbrella, gps, snacks and water and walked into town each morning for fun and adventure……in Junction City?

Found a great little hole-in-the-wall cafe for wifi, good coffee and breakfast – R & B Coffee.

Each day I put in around six miles of walking.

Eight Geocaches to be Found - Yep, cleaned 'em out!

Eight Geocaches to be Found – Yep, cleaned ’em out!

Junction City Walking Tour – The Water Tower (GC24900) by nymphnsatyr
Milliorn Cemetery Cache (GC23NQF) by RedEmpressE
Dear Liza, Dear Liza (GC23NQZ) by nymphnsatyr
Junction City Walking Tour – Danish Lutheran (GC24905) by nymphnsatyr
Deal With It (GC2FQJX) by ihideNseek
JC’s Lamest Cache (GC2K4QY) by SwineFlew
Another Great Cache (GC3AV7W) by Prince Demitri
Can’t you hear the whistle blowing? (GC3QF7Q) by beatnikboy2001

Woodburn – Full of Hot Air… and Tulips!

We made a trek to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm near Woodburn so Patricia could get her annual tulip fields photo fix. We also took a day to visit waterfalls at Silver Creek State Park since we were close.

Tulip Fields + Balloon

Tulip Fields + Balloon


Geocaches found on this trip…………

Geocaches Found

Geocaches Found

working hard or hardly working (GC4KH7Q) by miniandal
Belle Passi (GC44CH3) by TWIGMEISTER
“Oktoberfest 2007” (GC15W1M) by Geo Chick’s
Dexter: The Harry Code (GC3WTHP) by DragonFire72
I Have All That I Need (GC39RN7) by P’Nut Butter & Honey
Community Club (GC1FT2N) by fldairy
GeerCrest Farm (GC4WTJW) by GeoMiraCache
Salamander Island (GC51D2G) by Herobug
Panda Cove (GC503V8) by secretsnevercease
Behind the sign. (GC4J61C) by wg
Crooked Finger Pit Stop (GC4ACCV) by Melcamino

Butte Creek Falls

Visiting Upper and Lower Butte Creek Falls in Marion County. Hunted a couple of nearby geocaches while Patricia and friend and fellow photog, Eric shot both falls.


Eric and Patricia discussing the shot

Eric and Patricia discussing the shot