2012 Begins……

We began the new year still visiting with Kim and Andrew in Portland. Patricia had a photo shoot with them in nearby Washington Park. Kim wanted to make sure they had some ‘belly shots” before the baby came.

I managed to work a short multi-staged geocache while they were busy with the camera work.

Patricia,Kim,Andrew in Washington Park

Washington Park "Belly" Photo Shoot


Later in the day, we headed to a shopping complex in Tualatin to try a new vegan eatery Kim had heard about….only to find out they were closed! Oops, nearly forgot what day it was! Instead, we hung out at Peets Coffee for a bit followed by drooling at the Apple Store. As we made our way back to the car, I side-tracked from them momentarily in order to hunt down a nearby geocache.

Holiday Lights & Geocaches – Great Ending to 2011

We are spending New Years Eve in Wilsonville/Portland visiting Kim and Andrew. This is the latest we’ve ever had our trailer out.

For a Christmas gift they treated Patricia and I to a visit to Portland’s annual ZooLights display and dinner afterwards. Such thoughtful kids!

After dinner and visiting with the kiddo’s we came back to the trailer to settle in for the night. However, I had one more thing to do before the day ended….find three more geocaches to end 2011 on a nice even grand total of 4500! Hopped in the car and with less than 30 minutes left in the year I found all three….and was happy!

Geocaches found:

My First Wherigo Cache – SUCCESS!

Second time’s a charm! See this February blog post from my first attempt at this Wherigo game.

Met up with Kim and Andrew this morning for a nice breakfast at Paradox Cafe – great four-grain pancakes and chicken-apple sausage links!

After breakfast we drove over to Waterfront Park where Andrew and I retraced our steps from the first attempt while the girls perused the booths at the nearby Portland Saturday Market.

This time we were successful in completing the cache and signing the log (container was missing the first time). Portland has a few more Wherigo’s and I look forward to doing more of them in future visits.

My First Wherigo Cache – FAIL!

This morning before leaving Portland, son-in-law Andrew and I attempted a Wherigo cache adventure down in Portland’s Waterfront Park. I was using my Garmin Oregon 400t and Andrew was following along using the Pigo App on the iPhone. It was a good test of both devices – both worked as they should.

I titled this blog entry as a FAIL because we failed to pick up some necessary information at the first two stages and had to go back and retrieve it then couldn’t find the physical container to log the completion. On top of that, I couldn’t even log the completion on the Wherigo.com site (which is separate from the geocache by the same name) because we copied the confirmation code down wrong.

So on the next trip to Portland I will run through the whole thing again with better results, I hope!