From Hood to Coast

After a week boondocking near Mt. Hood, we came off the mountain and began the move towards our annual kayaking/geocaching event at Tugman State Park near Coos Bay.

But first…….

A couple of nights in the Columbia Gorge, a quick visit in Portland and a few days on the coast at Newport.

First up, two nights at Ainsworth State Park (one of our favorite places). It was a short stay where we use our full hookup site to clean up and recharge. We managed an out and back hike to Angel’s Rest, a few geocaches and an awesome breakfast at Multnomah Falls Lodge.

Angels Rest Hike

Angels Rest Hike

Angel’s Rest Trail Beginning (GC533EK) by Aye-yo
Rabbit Delight (GC533E6) by Aye-yo
We’re going for a hike (GC3GJ1T) by Devil Dog Cacher
Stump Passage (GC533EA) by Aye-yo
Ainsworth Potty Break (No Swag) (GC5W388) by WineGuyTodd


Another two nights in Troutdale to visit daughter and family. Managed to find one geocache in nearby Westmoreland Park


Finished the week off with two nights at South Beach State Park in Newport on the coast. Elliot was glad to sleep out in the tent again!

Caching Newport Area

Caching Newport Area

The all mighty buck! (GC5QN27) by LordDraco
Wooden Cave on the road to nowhere (GC1NZPJ) by ryan23
Higher Education (GC40GRR) by RedRoadstar
Turtlenestone (GC5MYDX) by Turtlefromspace


Grandson Visits The Nomads

As has been the case for the past decade or so, Elliot came to visit his popop (now you know where my geocaching handle came from) and grandma. The big difference about this summer is that we are full time nomads living out of our motorhome! Despite being a teenager and now as tall as me, we made it work for three weeks. He has a great disposition and that makes all the difference! It was a joy to travel around Oregon with him – we know his life will become too busy to do this much longer, we will take it while we can!

Meeting up at PDX

Meeting up at PDX

Picked him up at PDX

As always, we hunt a few geocaches so before leaving Portland we went on a hike in Marquam Nature Park and found four.

Marquam Nature Park

Marquam Nature Park

Just getting started.....

Just getting started…..

Upper Marquam Hill Trail (GC4XM1Z) by Aye-yo
Hypur the Warlock Gnome’s Trading Post (GC2M85T) by willowdoggy
Parks Challenge at Marquam Nature Park (GC4VD7P) by wearn3
Jalopy (GC43TGT) by TherinSmith

Oregon’s Double Fizzy Challenge Accomplished

Accomplishing the initial challenge of finding all 81 Difficulty/Terrain combinations in this geocaching game was a bigger deal than this related challenge but I’m always happy to keep building on it!

While in the Portland area for a week, I ran out to the Sandy River Delta Park to locate and sign the log of the “Double” version of the Fizzy Challenge.

Sandy River Delta Park

Sandy River Delta Park

Please notice only ONE smiley face! Normally, I would plan a full day of hiking in an area like this with so many hiking trails and geocaches. Not today. I did look for a couple of them as I made my way to the main destination but couldn’t find them.

Now on to the triple version!

Milestone – Find #7000

Milestone – noun

1. a stone pillar that shows the distance in miles to or from a place

2. a significant event in life, history, etc

No, I did not just find a stone pillar with the number 7000 etched into it. But I did find my 7000th geocache! And found it in one of my very favorite ways….exploring the outdoors with one of my grandchildren.

This adventure took place in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge along the Willamette River in the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood. This day graced us with a short break in the wet weather, enough to get out for a short stroll and a string of three quick caches not far from the parking lot.


Gol Hcneb (GC5HQB2) by Hoots+Stripes
Oaks Bottom – Bluff Trail Break (GC50N2T) by Aye-yo
Oaks Bottom – Swamp Overlook (GC50N30) by Aye-yo

7000 !!

7000 !!

Before heading back home, we walked a little further to visit the Frog Pond……

A couple of audio clips…..

A Good Day!