Caching in the Redwoods

A week in redwoods of Northern California was quite refreshing, in more ways than one.

Other than my recent group outing to the Cathedral Hills of Grants Pass, OR, my geocaching numbers have been pretty pathetic so far this year. This redwood trip didn’t produce big caching numbers but I managed to get out find a few nearly every day. Refreshing.

Patricia’s photography goals here were for blooming rhododendrons, fog and tall redwood trees. Every morning we were seeking, and finding, those conditions. Refreshing

redwoods sign

redwoods sign


The Daily Fog Rolling Through.....

The Daily Fog Rolling Through…..



Map of Geocaching Finds for the Week:

All my geocache finds this week.

All my geocache finds this week.

This was also a great way to gradually test our nomadic life skills in the motorhome before our final departure from Coos Bay July first! We are growing more comfortable with it each week! Can’t wait to get started!


Redwood National and State Parks Vacation – Day One

We booked a week at Hiouchi RV Resort just outside Crescent CIty, CA.

Patricia’s photography goal: Capturing fog and bloomiing rhododendrons beneath the behemoth redwoods.

My geocaching goal: Find ’em!


Scenes from a day of recon…..


Big Tree (GC11V5B) by xjrob
Golden Grizzly (GC3DZXH) by BRUHN

Tomorrow we head back to Damnation Creek Trail, Klamath River Overlook and more recon.

Forks, WA & Olympic National Park

Patricia signed up for a photography workshop in Washington State’s NW corner, the Olympic National Park and the nearby coastline. We both were really looking forward to this trip because neither of us had ever been there. We quickly discovered that four days was not nearly enough! In fact, I think it would take the better part of an entire summer to adequately experience this beautiful and lush place! We vow to return!