Valentine Day Hike – Cape Arago Trails

Patricia and I have been fighting two different “cruds” and we had no desire to be out on the town or around people on this Valentine Day. Instead, we decided to go out to Cape Arago for a leisurely hike on the trails.

I also wanted to try out my Valentine gift – a telescoping pole and mount for my GoPro camera.

Afterwards……back home to commiserate.

BTW, the pole worked pretty darn good! It’s a Camkix brand.

Trying New Mapping Options – umap+OpenStreetMap

This is more of a test post than anything. I’m trying out methods of placing interactive maps in my blog posts. Yes, Google Map imbeds are one obvious option but I’m hoping to find something open source. Google Maps is always changing something up creating havoc for maps created in the past.

I recently became aware of umap/OpenStreetMap. Credit to a RVing blogger Wheelingit who just posted about how they just switched to this method of mappng their travels.

After creating an online account, I was able to quickly create this simple driving route map.

It was fairly simple to import a gpx file I already had stored on my computer. I’m anxious to also try importing a geocaching gpx file.

Route to Eden Ridge Lookout from Powers, OR.

A more complete map would, of course, have some mile marker waypoints and road name labels.


Florence “In Town” Hiking Caches

Windy Dune Hike

Windy Dune Hike


The problem with having found all the geocaches in your own town is, of course, driving further to hunt down more of them. Florence is the closest town with unfound (by me) caches. Today I ventured there to pick off a few, including my favorite kind…..caches involving a hike! All three hiking caches required a different starting point. Florence has several access points to the surrounding dunes and dune forests right in town and thus I refer to them as “in town” caches.

Well, that’s five less to find in Florence!

L’amour Vrai (GC4VXC8) by actnrite, modelhiker
Redwood Storage (GC4JFNN) by Beach Gramma and The Soul Sucker
Eddie the Great Dane (GC4BJEE) by Trutrax
Tru’s View (GC4C55N) by Trutrax
Dog gone it not Again (GC4VGNW) by karwerkz

Reflections on 2013 – Part I (by the numbers)

This year’s “Reflections” post will take on a little different format. I have so much to say about 2013 that I will break it up into three or four separate posts.

For starters, I will get all the statistics out of the way. The remaining posts will be about People, Places and Personal Accomplishments.


The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Total Finds: As I approach ten years of geocaching, I found over 1000 in a calendar year for the first time. I’m not into huge geocache power trails. I will take a five mile hike for a single cache over film canisters placed every tenth of a mile on a desert highway any day! That said, I will most likely attempt one of these geo-art power trails one day, but it will be on day excursions from our RV and only ten at a time! Maybe……

Days Caching: Another “best-ever” accomplishment, not because of the actual number but because of what it represents……getting out on some form of geo-adventure 191 days in the year!

The map below represents where I went geocaching this year. Not much outside of my home state but that will change as Patricia and I start full-time RV’ing in a couple of years.

I only missed four of Oregon’s thirty-six counties, primarily due to a late May excursion through eastern Oregon (see posts from this time frame)

Map of counties where I found geocaches in 2013

Map of counties where I found geocaches in 2013

Days in a row with a find: Broke an old record from 2008 when I found caches 26 days in a row in August.

Placed year: Found caches placed in every year since 2001. Those caches placed in 2000 when geocaching began are getting harder and harder to find! It’s always cool finding those older caches.

Well-rounded caching: Found 69 of 81 D/T combos – a well rounded year!

Goals for 2014: I don’t really have any, other than just getting out as often as I can and enjoy the outdoors! Trying to get 200 days caching would help accomplish that! I would also like to complete the Oregon History challenge (22 Oregon caches placed during the first year of geocaching).