Departing for the Nomadic Life!

Departing Coos Bay with a mix of emotions…..fear & trepidation, sadness and excitement!

Yesterday Patricia worked her final day at our local community college. Today we leave!

That may seem too quick. It’s not. We have been preparing for this day for the past three years. Everything was ready. No sense in waiting. There’s a big world out there to see!

This blog really won’t change that much. The focus will continue to be about the places geocaching takes me – only now the scenery will not be primarily Oregon.

Here is a video of our departure and first destination….


First Destination: Family in Dufur, OR.

First Destination: Family in Dufur, OR.         Four Generations


June Caching * Saying Farewell (for now)

A busy month for us as we countdown to fulltime RV status July first. Not a lot of time for caching but I managed to get out a few times and pick off those close to home in a futile attempt to “clear the map” before leaving. Fat chance!

June Caching

June Caching

One cache in particular though was, at the same time, pleasurable and sad. It was an event held at the coffee shop where very good friends gathered weekly for over seven years to talk about all things geocaching. They gave me a very nice and thoughtful sendoff!

Getting booted outta da club!

Getting booted outta da club!

Though this weekly meetup started as an opportunity for local cachers to wax long about GPS’s, geocache hunts and success stories, over time it has grown into a close knit community of kind and caring folks the likes of which I have yet to see in another community! Thank you all for the kind sendoff and well wishes!


Major Life Change

Big changes in our house today….quite literally! We moved out of our townhouse rental of ten years and into a motorhome!

Check out greater details in Patricia’s blog post.


Our 2011 Four Winds Serrano 31V

Our 2011 Four Winds Serrano 31V

Patricia and I plan to leave the Bay Area July 1 this year. She will retire the day before.

We have no idea how long this will last but we will live fulltime in the RV as we travel the western United States. National Parks will be a high priority. Winters will likely be in the southwest. Stay tuned!

I am excited from a geocaching perspective because of all the new states to check off!

Trying New Mapping Options – umap+OpenStreetMap

This is more of a test post than anything. I’m trying out methods of placing interactive maps in my blog posts. Yes, Google Map imbeds are one obvious option but I’m hoping to find something open source. Google Maps is always changing something up creating havoc for maps created in the past.

I recently became aware of umap/OpenStreetMap. Credit to a RVing blogger Wheelingit who just posted about how they just switched to this method of mappng their travels.

After creating an online account, I was able to quickly create this simple driving route map.

It was fairly simple to import a gpx file I already had stored on my computer. I’m anxious to also try importing a geocaching gpx file.

Route to Eden Ridge Lookout from Powers, OR.

A more complete map would, of course, have some mile marker waypoints and road name labels.