Labor Day Weekend in Dufur

For the third time this summer, we trekked to my folks’ place in Dufur, OR after a stay in Central Oregon! Labor Day weekend is always a good one to stay put at home and that works great for my folks but our home is on wheels and we needed somewhere to stay soooooo……

It was a nice quiet and relaxing visit in sleepy little Dufur, Oregon.

Went for a drive one afternoon to see if we could find a multi geocache that Dad had to DNF a few years ago and never returned to look again.  Got it this time after having to expand our search radius somewhat.

Highway 44 Series: Overhill, Underhill (GC612C) by Capt. Jack, 1st Mate & Max

Now we have to move on to Coos Bay one last time this year before heading south so Patricia can prepare new photography product and restock inventory at Bandon’s Second Street Gallery.

Eastern Oregon Caching – Day Three

Yep, as planned, today was a loooooong day! Drove over 600 miles zigzagging from Ontario to Burns, Burns Junction, Lake Albert, La Pine and finally stopping for the day in Prineville!

Best part of the day was finding the caches needed to complete the county and DeLorme challenges!

Tomorrow will be more relaxed as I visit some family in Bend.

Eastern Oregon Caching – Day Two

Left La Grande bright and early heading south along Highway 395 to John Day then east to Ontario. Drove 296 miles. Found caches in three more counties, four more DeLorme pages and three Nat’l Forest caches (blazerfan challenge).

It was a slower pace because I took my sweet time going through my old stomping grounds in Grant County (Dale Ranger Station, Ukiah, Long Creek).

Tomorrow will be a really long day….better hit the sack early!

Geocaching Eastern Oregon – Day 1

This is the first day of a five-day trek through eastern Oregon. I dropped off Patricia at PDX yesterday where she begins a week visit with her daughters in NYC. My goal for this endeavor is to complete several geocaching challenges I started some time ago.

Highest priority are:

Today’s leg was east up the Columbia River Gorge and ending in La Grande.

Accomplished this day were completion of the Fizzy challenge with one final D/T combination near Mosier, two more counties and three DeLorme pages! Will work my way south tomorrow. Drove 457 miles today!