Geocache Oregon promotes the variety of outdoor experiences that make Oregon an exciting and fun place to live and explore through the wildly popular, high-tech treasure-hunting game of geocaching. I hope you follow my geocaching adventures as I travel the width and breadth of our vibrant and diverse state.

Mike Davidson

A bit about me:

My name is Mike Davidson. I have lived and worked in Oregon most of my life. My love of the outdoors was nurtured early as the son of a forester for the US Forest Service. Most of our family outings were in the forest and wilderness areas of northeast Oregon, including backpacking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. These experiences influenced me to become a forester as well, which brought me to Oregon’s lush, coastal forests where I have worked and explored since 1979.

I was introduced to geocaching in 2001 by my younger brother and was immediately drawn to the combination of finding something hidden and exploring the outdoors. It wouldn’t be until 2004 before I geocached regularly. Like many geocachers, once I found a few in my local area I was hooked! Soon I was hunting geocaches whenever I could; bringing me to places in my own area that I never knew existed! As my wife and I plan vacations I always research geocaches near our destinations. Those geocache hunts frequently result in us enjoying places we might not have otherwise seen.

My wife Patricia (the lovely and talented photographer) and I invite you to follow along as we explore and geocache throughout our great state and beyond.

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