Labor Day Weekend in Dufur

For the third time this summer, we trekked to my folks’ place in Dufur, OR after a stay in Central Oregon! Labor Day weekend is always a good one to stay put at home and that works great for my folks but our home is on wheels and we needed somewhere to stay soooooo……

It was a nice quiet and relaxing visit in sleepy little Dufur, Oregon.

Went for a drive one afternoon to see if we could find a multi geocache that Dad had to DNF a few years ago and never returned to look again.  Got it this time after having to expand our search radius somewhat.

Highway 44 Series: Overhill, Underhill (GC612C) by Capt. Jack, 1st Mate & Max

Now we have to move on to Coos Bay one last time this year before heading south so Patricia can prepare new photography product and restock inventory at Bandon’s Second Street Gallery.