Completing the Coveted Triad of Geocaching

For a little background on what the Geocaching Triad is…..check out this blog post and the video found there.

Patricia and I had an opportunity to spend some time with our 10 year-old grandson recently while in the Seattle area. He has accompanied me on many geocaches from the age of 5 to the present and I knew he would want to help his ‘popop’ find the remaining two Triad caches. I had already found ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE in 2007 for my 1000th milestone cache as noted in this post. This trip I would get Mission 9: Tunnel of Light and Groundspeak Headquarters.

On our way to the APE cache

Yesterday we got up early and headed out of Seattle in the direction of Snoqualamie Pass for a hike to Mission 9: Tunnel of Light . This is also commonly called the APE Cache (click the link for more info). We saw lots of people on the Annette Lake trail but very few were going up toward the cache and tunnel as we were. Actually finding cache was a bit anticlimactic but it allowed us to take in the great scenery in the Snoququalamie Pass area.

Today we made our way down to Groundspeak Headquarters with time to have lunch at the much talked about Red Door before our 2pm appointment. A small group was already gathered in the Lily Pad lobby when we stepped out of the elevator. Grandson and I had a great time checking out the huge treasure chest of goodies and playing around with the interactive, live giant geocaching screen. Didn’t spot Signal the Frog but we had a very nice visit with the greeters and other visitors. Some of them were also there completing the Triad.

Very satisfying to have this geocaching accomplishment under my belt! Now if I could just finish off Oregon’s County and DeLorme challenges!