Winter Camping at Silver Falls SP

Patricia and I had an opportunity to have our grandson for a couple of days and we jumped at it! We decided rather than waste much of our time together driving to and from Portland twice, we would just rent a cabin at Silver Falls SP and do things with him in that picturesque setting. Lots of trails to hike and waterfalls to view – the famed Trail of Ten Falls.

So we picked him up in Portland yesterday and headed out to the cabin. Checked in, unpacked and fixed some dinner. Got the park maps out and planned our day. It was very strange to head to bed at 8pm! I guess not having our normal access to TV and internet will do that!

Thursday was our only full day in the park and it began with a morning trip over to the historic South Falls Lodge built in the 1930’s to see if we could get a cup of coffee. No luck – winter hours were in effect! So we just walked down to the nearby South Falls viewpoint for some pictures and two geocaches. We didn’t continue down the 6 mile loop since we had walked that loop back in May of last year with my daughter and her husband. Instead, we headed over to the North Falls loop. This trail loop was about three miles total and showcased four nice waterfalls and two geocaches. It was a very nice, sunny winter day making the hike extremely enjoyable. In the summer, these trails are just wall to wall people….really like doing these hikes in winter especially on days like this!

South Falls

South Falls

Checking out a geocache.....

After finishing our hike, we headed on into the nearby town of Silverton for some dinner and a couple of groceries. Someone recommended a little mexican place called Los Girasoles. The burritos were HUGE and very tasty! Back at the cabin we stayed up later than last night……uh… 9pm! Wow, night owls!

This park has some really nice trails I would like to come back and explore – not a lot of geocaches but the ones here are nicely done and get you out on these trails.

Left the park early morning to get Elliot back to Portland to meet up with his Dad. Before leaving however, Elliot and I snuck out on a frost covered trail for a nearby cache called Green Giant!.