Valentine Day Hike – Cape Arago Trails

Patricia and I have been fighting two different “cruds” and we had no desire to be out on the town or around people on this Valentine Day. Instead, we decided to go out to Cape Arago for a leisurely hike on the trails.

I also wanted to try out my Valentine gift – a telescoping pole and mount for my GoPro camera.

Afterwards……back home to commiserate.

BTW, the pole worked pretty darn good! It’s a Camkix brand.

Roseburg Caching

Nothing momentous about this trip to Roseburg. Came over for a medical appointment. Picked off a few nearby geocaches while we were there.

West of Garden Valley Exit from I-5

West of Garden Valley Exit from I-5

Historical Tour of Hucrest #1 (GC3388Q) by AgentsD
Premiere Plug (GC3HDFD) by AgentsD
Don’t Pull Me Over (GC2B0JJ) by 4paw
Historical Tour of Hucrest #3 (GC3388X) by AgentsD
Historical Tour of Hucrest #2 (GC3388T) by AgentsD
Learn to Cache (GC2H67C) by Bug Bandits
CLUE #5 (GC293FZ) by Bug Bandits
And She’s Caching a Stairway to Heaven (GC29GJP) by Bug Bandits

Of course, whenever we are in Roseburg we MUST have pizza from a place that used to be called Logger’s Gourmet Pizza. Now known as The Joyful Belly, they have the very best gluten-free pizza crust we have ever had!


Milestone – Find #7000

Milestone – noun

1. a stone pillar that shows the distance in miles to or from a place

2. a significant event in life, history, etc

No, I did not just find a stone pillar with the number 7000 etched into it. But I did find my 7000th geocache! And found it in one of my very favorite ways….exploring the outdoors with one of my grandchildren.

This adventure took place in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge along the Willamette River in the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood. This day graced us with a short break in the wet weather, enough to get out for a short stroll and a string of three quick caches not far from the parking lot.


Gol Hcneb (GC5HQB2) by Hoots+Stripes
Oaks Bottom – Bluff Trail Break (GC50N2T) by Aye-yo
Oaks Bottom – Swamp Overlook (GC50N30) by Aye-yo

7000 !!

7000 !!

Before heading back home, we walked a little further to visit the Frog Pond……

A couple of audio clips…..

A Good Day!