A Week of Caching ‘tween Florence & Yachats

Made two trips north this week to geocache between Florence and Yachats.

The coolest of the bunch, I thought, was Units Texas which involved a short but very narrow trail through a dense spruce forest dwarfed by the constant coastal winds.


One For Hunter (GC4GFTG) by cinlu7
PB&J with Dad (GC4DK9H) by karwerkz & oceanboey1
Home Sweet Home (GC4DQ6Z) by karwerkz and oceanboey1
0 is half way (GC4YNXP) by karwerkz
PM (GC4Z7J6) by Squatch OffRoad
Easy as pie (GC503Q6) by kenny art
Valentine (GC4YKYN) by Trutrax
Units Texas (GC4YB6Q) by Furious Fungi
Treemail (GC4Z50E) by putterer
Treehouse (GC4Z4ZV) by putterer
Zoe’s Cache (GC4Z5QW) by karwerkz
Oh My Darlin’… Clementine (GC4Z5MA) by Trutrax
Trail to the other side (GC4XN6B) by Trutrax

Power Trail up a River

The Florence geocachers have methodically placed what is turning out to be a bit of a power trail up the North Fork Siuslaw River. Today I picked off this bunch but I think more are coming…..that’s just how they roll! Fine by me! Just another excuse to get outside and geocache!

North Fork Siuslaw River

North Fork Siuslaw River

Welcome to Old North Bend Again (GC4Y9Z9) by Fly Baby and Dragon’s Passion 4 Caching
sleepy Hollow (GC4XED5) by Flutterby1
UNFS- Clear Cut (GC4XD57) by teamlowtechtoo
Skate into the woods (GC4XEDD) by cinlu7
salmon near (GC4XEDC) by Flutterby1
UNFS- Sacred Place (GC4XD5E) by teamlowtechtoo
A log if you can find me (GC4XEDF) by cinlu7
green beauty (GC4XEDG) by Flutterby1
UNFS- Crime Tape (GC4XD5M) by teamlowtechtoo
Tweety (GC4XEDM) by cinlu7
UNFS- Witch Way?? (GC4XD5X) by teamlowtechtoo
Elk meadow (GC4XHN0) by Sure–Loc

Power Trail by the Numbers!

Simple goal for today – hunt a new series of caches on Clear Lake Road (east side of Woahink Lake) with cache names starting with numbers, then cap the day off signing the log for the Alphanumeric Challenge cache.

Another fun excursion in the Florence area!

Light the Way (GC4XD87) by babble on
King Of The Middle Of The Hill (GC4XYN0) by coyah
9 Number Nine (GC4XRCR) by kenny art
8 Number Eight (GC4XRCP) by kenny art
7 Number Seven (GC4XRCN) by kenny art
6 Number Six (GC4XRCM) by kenny art
5 Number Five (GC4XRC9) by kenny art
4 Number Four (GC4XRC6) by kenny art
3 Number Three (GC4XRC3) by kenny art
2 Number Two (GC4XRBY) by kenny art
1 Number One (GC4XRBT) by kenny art
Tsunami! (GC4WT2J) by Rose Red