Caching in the Redwoods

A week in redwoods of Northern California was quite refreshing, in more ways than one.

Other than my recent group outing to the Cathedral Hills of Grants Pass, OR, my geocaching numbers have been pretty pathetic so far this year. This redwood trip didn’t produce big caching numbers but I managed to get out find a few nearly every day. Refreshing.

Patricia’s photography goals here were for blooming rhododendrons, fog and tall redwood trees. Every morning we were seeking, and finding, those conditions. Refreshing

redwoods sign

redwoods sign


The Daily Fog Rolling Through.....

The Daily Fog Rolling Through…..



Map of Geocaching Finds for the Week:

All my geocache finds this week.

All my geocache finds this week.

This was also a great way to gradually test our nomadic life skills in the motorhome before our final departure from Coos Bay July first! We are growing more comfortable with it each week! Can’t wait to get started!


Cathedral Hills * Annual Southern Oregon Hike

How many times does one do something before it can be called a “tradition”? I say when you’ve done it twice and the third one is already planned and scheduled.

Today, that third event happened.

Beginning in 2013, a contingent of geocachers from the Oregon coast has ventured to the drier southern Oregon area for a spring outing of hiking and geocaching. The first excursion was to Upper Table Rock near Central Point. Then in 2014 we did the Lower Table Rock.

This spring we selected Cathedral Hills at Grants Pass.

Different this time was turning into a sanctioned geocaching event that attracted a couple of local geocachers (Andrew and Ginny) to the fun! Andrew could only join us for a short while but Ginny stayed with us the whole day and we all thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her. As we always say…..”You Meet The Nicest People Geocaching“!

L-R: James, Randall, Andrew, Reuben, Beckie, Ginny, Butch, Me

L-R: James, Randall, Andrew, Reuben, Beckie, Ginny, Butch, Me

Caches Found Today

Caches Found Today

As you can see from the map above, we only found about half of the caches on the trail system. An excuse to return!

As seen through my GoPro today…..

What is in store for spring 2016 I have no idea as my wife and I will be RVing fulltime and may not be in the area. I certainly hope the TRADITION will continue!

Brain Games Event 2015

Last year’s Brain Games event was so much fun Darren concocted more puzzles and challenges for a second one!

Great Fun, Great Food, Great Folks!

Check out Kenny’s video:

Hangin’ in the Hood (River, that is)

April 8-12:

The second half of Patricia’s spring photography trip landed us in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. We setup the RV at Memaloose SP east of Hood River as base camp.

Site B-17 Memaloose State Park

Site B-17 Memaloose State Park

First day’s excursion involved going our separate ways until late afternoon.

Patricia went with photog friend Perri to Metlako Falls along Eagle Creek near Cascade Locks. I would meet up with them later in the day at Rowena Crest.

I decided to geocache a portion of a “power trail” (many, many geocaches packed as tightly as permissible along a road or path) located south out of the small community of Mosier. This power trail had over 100 caches but I stopped at thirteen. It was getting boring, some I couldn’t find and picking up two ticks at #13 was the last straw!

Returned to camp to relax and eat some lunch. Even took a short nap.

Patricia and Perri were in the area scouting the Rowena Crest scene so I decided to go hunt a couple of caches near them. Map of the caching day:

Geocaching near Mosier and Rowena Crest.

Geocaching near Mosier and Rowena Crest

Day two excursion posted separately.

Day three: After a fantastic breakfast in Hood River at Bette’s Place, we took a drive east to scout photo ops on the Dalles Mountain Ranch within Washington State’s Columbia Hills State Park. After poking around the abandoned ranch with its assortment of old farming equipment, we continued east on Dalles Mountain Road as suggested in a cool local tourism book titled Curious Gorge by Scott Cook. This tour took us east to Highway 97 then south to Maryhill, crossing back to Oregon at The Dalles completing the loop.

New Fav Breakfast - Chicken/Mushroom Scramble with Hollandaise and potatoes at Bette's Place HR

New Fav Breakfast – Grilled Chicken/Mushroom Scramble with Hollandaise and potatoes at Bette’s Place in Hood River, OR

Final Day: Sunrise photo shoot at Rowena Crest. While all the photogs gathered at the edge of the plateau to capture the big river to the east with the popular native Arrowleaf Balsamroot in the foreground, I hiked a short portion of the trail up to McCall Point from the Rowena Crest trail head hunting a multi-staged geocache called McCall Point.

Group of Photogs on the Rowena Plateau at sunrise

Group of Photogs on the Rowena Plateau at sunrise

Group of Photogs returning from sunset session on Dalles Mtn. Ranch

Group of Photogs returning from sunset session on Dalles Mtn. Ranch

So if a group of elk are called a herd and a group of whales called a pod and a group of birds called a flock……what are a group of photographers called? A clique? Click?