333 Trail Group Hike

Nearly two months ago, as I sat around the breakfast table at Tai’s Dynasty with fellow geocachers, I suggested we plan a group hike near Gold Beach on the 333 Trail. I knew the trail from a previous group hike in 2010 and thought they would enjoy an excursion there. There was consensus. There would be a 333 trail hike. But when? As we discussed the possibilities someone ( I do not recall) proposed March 3rd, given the name of the trail. Get it? Hike the 333 trail on 3/3? Clever, yes?

One more dimension was added to the adventure – it would become an event!

The day began with part of the group meeting in Bandon for breakfast. By 10 am all participants had gathered at the trail head – milepost 333 on Highway 101!

Ten others joined me on a really fun day of hiking and geocaching culminating in sumptuous food in Port Orford at The Crazy Norwegian!


Major Life Change

Big changes in our house today….quite literally! We moved out of our townhouse rental of ten years and into a motorhome!

Check out greater details in Patricia’s blog post.


Our 2011 Four Winds Serrano 31V

Our 2011 Four Winds Serrano 31V

Patricia and I plan to leave the Bay Area July 1 this year. She will retire the day before.

We have no idea how long this will last but we will live fulltime in the RV as we travel the western United States. National Parks will be a high priority. Winters will likely be in the southwest. Stay tuned!

I am excited from a geocaching perspective because of all the new states to check off!

Valentine Day Hike – Cape Arago Trails

Patricia and I have been fighting two different “cruds” and we had no desire to be out on the town or around people on this Valentine Day. Instead, we decided to go out to Cape Arago for a leisurely hike on the trails.

I also wanted to try out my Valentine gift – a telescoping pole and mount for my GoPro camera.

Afterwards……back home to commiserate.

BTW, the pole worked pretty darn good! It’s a Camkix brand.